Exhibitions at HoMA First Hawaiian Center

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    Carol Bennett, 'Dissolve,' 2017. Oil on wood, resin.

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    Shawn Spangler and Bryan Czibesz, 'Tectonics and Dross,' 2015. Porcelain, high-density foam, acrylic.

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    Renee Iijima, 'The Drop that Contains the Ocean,' 2018 (detail). Laser print, silver leaf, handmade paper, composite mica,

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October 25, 2018 - January 18, 2019
First Hawaiian Center

Exhibition Overview

Networking and Water: Carol Bennett 
Kaua‘i artist Carol Bennett’s mixed media works feature female swimmers or marine nets floating or submerged in water. Subtle colors and gestural marks describe shifting views from below the surface and result in fluid paintings that bridge the gap between abstraction and figuration.

Recombination: Shawn Spangler and Bryan Czibesz
O‘ahu artist Shawn Spangler and New York-based artist Bryan Czibesz collaborate on ceramic pieces that blend an interest in traditional craft with industrial design and digital technology. Variations on classical forms of teapots and vessels are fabricated through diverse methods such as wheel-throwing, hand-building, and three-dimensional printing. 

Formations: Renee Iijima and Taylor Johnson
Honolulu-based artists Renee Iijima’s and Taylor Johnson’s works examine how time, growth, death, and decay affect the formation of identity. Iijima’s mixed media pieces on mica and glass employ a personal iconography that includes eggs, snakes, and portraits; while Johnson’s prints and installations reference family history and nostalgia with images of crumbling houses, backyards, and forested areas. 

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