The Rain of the Children + The Graffiti of Mr. Tuapaia

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The Rain of the Children + The Graffiti of Mr. Tuapaia


Wednesday Jun 19 07:30 PM
Friday Jun 21 01:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $8.00
General Admission: $10.00


About the Film:

The Rain of the Children
Directed by Vincent Ward. Aotearoa, 2008, 98 mins.

Vincent Ward’s deeply personal docudrama feature film unravels and reimagines the story of Puhi, the Tuhoe woman he documented in his 1980 film In Spring One Plants Alone. Just 21, Ward was a young art student when he captured the 80-year-old Puhi, who was caring for her schizophrenic adult son. Puhi, who lived a traditional life, believed herself to be cursed. Ward fleshes out the life of this extraordinary woman and explores that curse. Chosen by Tuhoe prophet Rua Kenana to marry his son, Puhi survived the 1916 police raid on Rua’s Maungapohatu community and went on to have 14 children. Cutting between early footage, his own to-camera narration, contemporary interviews with Tuhoe descendents, and magnificently recreated historical sequences (featuring Rena Owen as the older Puhi among a superb cast of Maori actors); Ward reveals both the heart-rending background of Puhi’s belief in the curse, and her lasting power over him.

View the trailer.

—screens with—

The Graffiti of Mr. Tuapaia (short)
Directed by Christopher Dudman, Aotearoa, 2008, 15 mins.

When a Cook Island school cleaner answers an unusual message on the wall of a girls’ toilet cubicle, his life, and the life of the mysterious author, will never be the same again.

View and excerpt from the film.

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