Scrappin’ | Schrotten!

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Scrappin’ | Schrotten!


Saturday Apr 08 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Part of Berlin & Beyond Honolulu 2017

Directed by Max Zähle. Starring Lucas Gregorowicz, Frederick Lau, Anna Bederke, Lars Rudolph, Heiko Pinkowski, Jan-Gregor Kremp. Germany. 2016. 96 min. German with English subtitles.

Following his Oscar®-nominated short film Raju, Max Zähle dedicates his feature film debut to a comedy that set amidst the bizarre and largely unknown culture marked by long-standing tradition: scrap dealers.

Mirko Talhammer (Lucas Gregorowicz) is beside himself when two strangers show up at his posh insurance office to remind him where he really comes from—a provincial scrapyard, where family and fist fights are what’s important. Mirko thought he had left all that behind, but just when he thought he was out they pull him back in—his father dies and leaves him and his brother Letscho (Frederick Lau, Victoria, The Wave) the ailing business. In the meantime a rival company is bullying the Talhammer’s into selling the scrapyard. To get themselves out of a financial hole, the quarreling brothers decide to unite and carry out the great train robbery their father had planned before his death. 

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