Old Well 老井

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Old Well 老井


Saturday Feb 17 04:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Part of 吴天明 Wu Tianming Tribute.

Admission: Free

This film will screen with no subtitles.

Directed by Wu Tianming. 1987. China. 130 min. Mandarin.
Zhang Yimou is lauded as a visionary filmmaker, but did you know he was also a talented actor? In exchange for producing Red Sorghum, Wu Tianming got Zhang Yimou to star as the male lead in Old Well. A married man and his old flame become trapped while digging a well in a water-starved village in rural China. Passions reignite in their confinement. Old Well is one of Wu Tainming’s most successful films globally, garnering him top prizes in the Golden Rooster awards and the 1987 Tokyo International Film Festival.

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