Sakurazawa Erica | The Career of a Manga Artist

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    Sakurazawa Erica (b. 1963). 'Love Vibes.' Japan, 1996. Paperback boo…


Sakurazawa Erica | The Career of a Manga Artist


Wednesday Dec 03 04:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Lecture:

Part of programming for Modern Love: 20th-Century Japanese Erotic Art

Artist Sakurazawa Erica (b. 1963), creator of manga (graphic novels) that deal with the personal lives of contemporary Japanese women, discusses the development of her career and the various topics of her work, such as romance and sexuality. A bilingual version of Ms. Sakurazawa’s manga Love Vibes (1996) is included in the exhibition Modern Love: 20th-Century Japanese Erotic Art, on view through March 15.


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