• Lithography: The Art of Drawing and Painting on Stone • PMDS171A52

    Class • Sat 9am-noon • Jan 28- May 6 • 13 sessions • $290 • Printmaking Studio No class March 4, 25 This course begins with an introduction to basic stone lithography, then branches out to include other print processes. The course is structured with an emphasis on ...

    David Smith  
    Jan. 28-May. 6
    Sat 9-Noon Past_exhib_sp17_pm_08
  • Screen Printing • PMTS171W55

    Workshop •  Wed 6-9pm • Mar 29-May 3 • 6 sessions • $135 • Room 102 Gain a strong understanding of the screen-printing process. Learn techniques to create your image and transparencies without the use of a computer. Make art prints on paper, t-shirts,...

    Travis Sasaki  
    Mar. 29-May. 3
    Wed 6–9pm Past_exhib_sp17_pm_11
  • Introduction to Printmaking • PMSG171A50

    Workshop • Fri 6-9pm • Jan 27-Mar 17 • 7 sessions • $155 • Printmaking Studio No class Mar 3 This workshop is an introduction to the processes, materials and methods used in printmaking. It is intended for those who have had no to little experience and are interest...

    Sam Guerrero  
    Jan. 27-Mar. 17
    Fri 6–9pm Past_exhib_sp17_pm_06
  • Introduction to Relief Printing - Linocut • PMJM171W51

    Workshop • Tue 9am-noon • Jan 24-Feb 28 • 6 sessions • $135 + $25 supply fee paid to instructor Participants will learn the basics of relief printmaking using easy-to-carve linoleum blocks. Both reductive and multi-block printing will be taught. Various registration...

    John MCCaskill  
    Jan. 24-Feb. 28
    Tue 9am-noon Past_exhib_sp17_pm_07
  • Monoprints Made Easy: CitraSolv Transfers • PMSG171W53

    Workshop • Fri 6-9pm • Mar 31-May 5 • 6 sessions • $135 • Printmaking Studio For many people, the thought of making a monoprint is a little intimidating because of its painterly nature or the fact that so much work goes into the production of a single print. This si...

    Sam Guerrero  
    Mar. 31-May. 5
    Fri 6–9pm Past_exhib_sp17_pm_09
  • Polyester-plate Printmaking • PMNM171W54

    Workshop • Tue 9am-noon • Mar 28-May 2 • 6 sessions • $135 • Printmaking Studio Polyester-plate printing is a nontoxic, quick and easy approach to lithography. In this introductory class, students work directly on the surface of the plate, experimenting with digital...

    Noah Matteucci  
    Mar. 28-May. 2
    Tue 9am-noon Past_exhib_class_canceled
  • Intaglio • PMAF171A49

    Class • Wed 9am-noon • Jan 25-May 3 • 14 sessions • $310 • Printmaking Studio No class Mar 22 This class focuses on traditional practices and nontraditional uses of intaglio printing. Explore a variety of printable surfaces, Xerox photo transfers, and chi...

    AJ Feducia  
    Jan. 25-May. 3
    Wed 9am–noon Past_exhib_sp17_pm_05
  • Board Game Printing • PMNM171A45

    Class • Tue 6-9pm • Mar 14- May 2 • 7 sessions • $175 • Room 102 No class March 21 In this project-based class, students work together to design, draw and screen print an edition of board games. The edition will be limited to the number of students enrolled and each gam...

    Noah Matteucci  
    Mar. 14-May. 2
    Tue 6-9pm Past_exhib_class_canceled
  • CMYK Screen Printing • PMNM171W46

    Class • Weds 6-9pm • Jan 25-Mar 1 • 6 sessions • $135 • Room 102 Learn how to screen print in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and BlacK! Students will use hand-drawn, photographic, and digital images to produce vibrant, multilayered CMYK prints. This class wil...

    Travis Sasaki  
    Jan. 25-Mar. 1
    Weds 6-9pm Past_exhib_sp17_pm_02
  • Color Woodcut: Think Better with Wood • PMLS171A47

    Workshop • Mon 6-9pm • Jan 23-April 17 •  11 sessions • $250 • Printmaking Studio No class March 20 & 27 Use your imagination and direct cutting to change a piece of wood into a bold, colorful print. With a variety of exciting techniques, such as multiple plate...

    Laura Smith  
    Jan. 23-Apr. 17
    Mon 6-9pm Past_exhib_sp17_pm_03
  • Discovering prints • PMGW171A48

    Class • Tue 6-9pm • Jan 24-May 2 • 14 sessions • $310 • Printmaking Studio No class March 21 What makes a print a print? How can a print be made quickly but also be a long-term project? What is the essential role of texture and how can we create a sense of depth? What d...

    George Woollard  
    Jan. 24-May. 2
    Tue 6-9pm Past_exhib_sp17_pm_04