Roberta Griffith

Princeville, Kaua‘i; b. Michigan
Media: Mixed-media sculpture and installation

I seek a balance and a harmony of shapes, textures and hues that manifest an internal dialogue as I explore materials and forms. I often combine collage and mixed media in my 2-D art to create primarily abstract images. Interestingly, the ceramic process lends itself to multiples and variations on a form. In my 3-D art, I use this orientation when making ceramics, sculptures and installations that may combine functional, non-functional, figurative and/or non-figurative elements to present my vision. Some of my ceramic objects relate to play: ceramic toys and porcelain doll body parts. Conceptually, I seek to evoke associations of places and their cultural manifestations that I have come across through research and world travel, as well as allude to human foibles, human mortality, the cyclical nature of life and death, and universal natural or man-made shortcomings. Material metaphors I create serve as unique repositories for the extension of my thoughts and reflections.

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Artist Roberta Griffith talks about doll parts and Dalí

Recipient of the Jim Winters Award for 3-D Design and the Sharon and Thurston Twigg-Smith Purchase for the Collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art