Picturing Hawai‘i

Grades: K-6
Tour length:
 3 hours
 900 S. Beretania Street
Group Size:
 60 maximum 
FREE, bus subsidy available for qualified groups
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Tour Description

The Picturing Hawai‘i tour takes students through our permanent collection of traditional art of Hawai‘i and the Pacific Islands. Through these two galleries, students will see the changes and continuity of Hawaiian culture following Western contact. During the tour, students will role play the thoughts of the Hawaiians, explorers, merchants, missionaries, modern artists, and tourists to understand different viewpoints. Engaging hands-on activities will stimulate deep looking and critical thinking. After the tour, students will meet with professional art instructors to create an art project based on the tour. 

Artwork on this tour
John Webber, 1784, A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, the Rowers Masked, (11815.51)

Eugene Savage (American, 1883-1978), A God Appears, oil on canvas. Collection Matson. (Pictured above)

Robert Dampier (British, 1800–1874), Kamehameha III (detail) 1825. Oil on canvas. Gift of Eliza Lefferts Cooke, Charles M. Cooke III, and Carolene Alexander Cooke Wrenn in memory of Dr. C. Montague Cooke, Jr., 1951 (1066.1).

Theodore Wores. The Lei Maker, Hawaiʻi, 1901. Oil on canvas. Gift of Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson, 1986 (5490.1).

Borrow Art

Continue your museum experience back in the classroom with artifacts from the Lending Collection! Pre-packaged boxes of objects are available for some tours, or hand-pick objects from the collection for any tour. The Lending Collection is a free resource for Hawaii educators. Contact Dawn Sueoka at dsueoka@honolulumuseum.org to visit the collection or to reserve a pre-packaged box.

Connecting to Standards

All of our school tours are aligned with Hawaii’s Common Core and State Standards. For your grade level’s specific standards, contact our Teacher Liaison, Justin Davies, at jdavies@honolulumuseum.org.

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