Science Through Art

Grades: K-12
Tour length: ​1.5hours
Date/location: 900 S Beretania Street
Times: ​9 + 10:30 am
Group Size: 60 maximum
Request this FREE tour: Fall 2014 | Spring 2015

​Help your students prepare for the tour in two ways: Have an interactive discussion about museum etiquette. ​Practice looking at art. Click here for more information.​


Add some STEAM to your STEM classroom programs on this field trip! Our Science through Art tour allows your students to learn more about science through art. ​Through an inquisitive exploration of the museum's main collection,​ students will discover the ​connections between science and art. It is a perfect match, since both subjects​ are based on the inquiry method—the creative thinker excels in​ both ​science and art​.

Students' close observations will provide opportunities to think about and question, individually and with the group, as they explore ideas beyond the expected. On the tour, students follow the creative process to understand the artists' decisions, from the material selection and development of ideas, to the step by step processes used to work in a variety of media. The tour looks at art and science in three ways: evolution and change, the role of color and light for the painter, and a comparison of the scientific process of ceramic and glass production. Students will engage in hands-on activities and actively apply newly learned ideas ​in solving new artistic problems.

Students will receive ​this activity booklet to use on the tour and to take back to the classroom. 

Pictured above:

Robert Delaunay, French (1885-1941), Rainbow, 1913, oil on canvas, 34 9/16 x 39 5/16 in. Purchase, 1966.
Michael Paulik, Untitled, 1982, blown glass vessel from multiple colors.

Hawai‘i Department of Education Benchmarks: