Artists of Hawai‘i 2017: Kaori Ukaji

Kaori Ukaji (Hawai‘i Island, b. Japan 1964)

Bio: Born in Japan, and trained as a graphic designer, Hawai‘i Island artist Kaori Ukaji has had solo exhibitions in Hawai‘i, New York, Australia and Japan. She was a featured artist in the Fifth Contemporary Museum Biennial of Hawai‘i artists. Kaori Ukaji is a faculty member in the art program at Hawai‘i Community College. 

Statement: The process of peeling and assembling skin is a meditative process for me, the same as assembling the lines of graphite drawing on paper. Repetitive motion brings me to the deep inner side of myself, and brings me to a higher level of being. Maybe it’s time to find out where this journey through black graphite drawing to red colored assembled work will go next.

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