See Art Make Art field trip FAQs

How much does a See Art Make Art field trip cost? 

Thanks to generous donors, our SAMA tours and transportation are FREE! 

How do I sign up for a See Art Make Art field trip? 

Learn about SAMA tour options and register online. You will need a promo code to register. Please sign up for our education newsletter to receive the promo code. For your convenience, we have created this step-by-step guide to the registration process. If you experience difficulties, please email or call 808-532-3681. We are happy to help, but please understand there may be a delay in response time. 

When are tours offered? 

Field Journaling at Spalding House (2411 Makiki Heights Drive): Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-12pm.
All other tours at Honolulu Museum of Art (900 S Beretania Street): Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-12pm, and Wednesday 9am-11am.

Do I need to book a bus? 

In an effort to simplify the process and make our tours more accessible, we now book the bus for you if you request the bus subsidy on the online reservation form. Please do not contact bus companies. You will receive an email confirmation of bus pick up time and reservation number within 14 days of booking your tour. 

What if we need to change or cancel our tour? 

If your pick up time, contact person, or student count changes after making your tour reservation, please let us know by emailing Date changes or cancellations within three (3) weeks of the tour date will be charged half the cost of the bus reservation. 

How many chaperones are required? 

At least one chaperone is required for every five students in grades Pre-K and K. At least one chaperone is required for every ten students in grades 1-12. 

Do chaperones need to remain with students at all times? 

Yes, chaperones must remain with students at all times and are expected to be active, engaged participants and assist with behavior management. 

Do chaperones need to pay admission? 

The required chaperones receive free admission. Additional chaperones beyond the required number will be asked to pay admission. 

What size bags are allowed in galleries? 

All bags are subject to security inspection. All backpacks, shopping bags, parcels, umbrellas, tripods, and any bags exceeding 16 inches in any diameter must be checked at the Museum entrance. 

May we bring our own snack or lunch and eat it at the museum?

The short answer is yes, however your tour and art-making experience will be shortened to accommodate the snack or lunch. If you need to eat before boarding the bus to return to school, please bring food and drink in as few containers as possible. Boxes work best. Rubbish must be consolidated to a single trash bag and museum staff will dispose of it for you.

• At Beretania Street location, a storage bin is available for backpacks and lunches. You may have a picnic lunch at Thomas Square Park across the street. Alternatively, you may eat lunch before boarding the bus at Honolulu Museum of Art School at 1111 Victoria Street, but must call (808) 532-8705 to make a reservation

• At Spalding House location, students may leave bags and lunches on the lanai and you may picnic on the lawn after your tour. 

What does it mean to be safe in a museum?

• Keep three feet away from the art, walls and pedestals. Why? The artwork is old, fragile, and irreplaceable. It is our job to keep it in good shape for the community to enjoy for generations to come.

• Leave food and drinks in the storage bins near the museum entrance. Why? Food can damage art and can attract bugs that destroy art.

• Walk carefully and be mindful of your surroundings to avoid accidentally bumping into an artwork.

Can we take pictures? 

Although we recommend students not have phones or other electronic devices to avoid distractions, photography is allowed in the museum. Take as many photos as you like—without a flash. Light may damage some artworks.

How can I prepare my students for the SAMA field trip?

To prepare for a tour, you and your students should practicde looking at art and asking questions. You will find that with practice, your students will enjoy exploring new art and that they have a lot to say. They weill become skilled at reading the art and understanding what the artist is saying. Students have more fun interpreting art on their own than if they are told what the art means.  

How can we extend the SAMA experience?

Our Lending Collection is available as a free resource for Hawai'i's educators. To schedule an appointment or arrange advance free parking, please contact Dawn Sueoka at or call (808) 532-8736.

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