Diamond Head

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    France Nuyen and Charles Heston in "Diamond Head."


Diamond Head


Saturday Oct 19 04:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Directed by Guy Green. USA. 1963. 107 mins.

Charlton Heston stars as ruthless “King” Howland, the head of a Wasp agricultural dynasty, in this a torrid tale of passion and prejudice set in a steamy Hawai‘i. Outspoken, hardheaded Howland sets out to thwart the marriage of his beautiful, defiant younger sister, Sloan (Yvette Mimieux), to a Hawaiian boy, Paul Kahana (James Darren!)—even as Howland carries on an affair with his own brown sugar. When tragedy strikes twice, Howland is forced to either change his beliefs or watch his dynasty disintegrate. Today, the film is an unintentional comedy—as Variety writes, “Darren, despite a rich tan, seems about as 100% Hawaiian as Paul Revere.” Add to that Guy Green’s high-spirited direction and Sam Leavitt’s dramatic, calclating cinematography and you’ve got an entertaining night out. 

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