The American Mid-Century • AHGL173W01

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Class Name :

The American Mid-Century • AHGL173W01

Class Date :

September 22 - October 27

Meeting Times :

Fri 10am–noon (6 sessions)

Class Location :

Community Room

Instructor :

Gary Liu & Theresa Papanikolas

Price :


About this Class:

Get more out of the milestone exhibition Abstract Expressionism: Looking East from the Far West with this introduction to the traditional understood roots of the movement in early 20th-century abstraction and Surrealism, its well-known development in the New York School, and the major immediate reactions prompted by it, such as Pop and minimalism. The class includes gallery, collection and exhibition visits with the show’s curator, Theresa Papanikolas, and guest speakers.

Session 1: Early 20th-century abstraction

Session 2: Surrealism into Abstract Expressionism

Session 3: The New York School

Session 4: Other voices

Session 5: Resonances between Abstract Expressionist ideas and Asian painting

Session 6: After Abstract Expressionism

All Things Exist by Tetsuo Ochikubo, Honolulu Museum of Art

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