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Class Name :

Class Date :

November 07 - December 05

Meeting Times :

Tue 2-4pm (5 sessions)

Class Location :

Community Room

Instructor :

Aaron Reich

Price :


Registration begins August 1 at 10am

About this Class:

Daoism and the Arts of Asia • AHAR173W03

From the elaborate internal visualizations of its priests to the spectacular color paintings of its ritual arenas, the Daoist tradition offers a wealth of visual materials for students of art history. This lecture series explores the art and visual culture of Daoism in five thematic installments. Each class features an array of topics, including portrayals of the Daoist pantheon, sacred calligraphy and talismanic writing, paintings of Daoist hell realms, pictorial traditions of the Eight Immortals, burial art, the influence of Buddhist art, early Daoist sculpture, and the intimate relationship between Daoism and landscape painting in China. The course takes a reverse chronological approach, beginning with contemporary ritual art, and concluding with the earliest Daoist sculptures, dating from the fifth and sixth centuries.

Week 1: An Introduction to Daoism and its Visual Culture

Week 2: Representations of the Daoist Pantheon

Week 3: Visions of Wandering Immortals

Week 4: Daoism and Landscape Painting

Week 5: Early Daoist and Proto-Daoist Art


Scripture of the Jade Pivot (Yushu jing). Ming China. Tenri Central Library.

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