52 Watercolor (2) • DPAL181L51

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Class Name :

52 Watercolor (2) • DPAL181L51

Class Date :

August 07 - August 21

Meeting Times :

Mon 2–4pm (3 sessions)

Class Location :

Community Room

Instructor :

Aaron Reich

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About this Class:

Daoism & Landscape Painting in China • AHAR172W02

Throughout its history, the art of landscape painting in China has had close ties to religious thought and practice. This course focuses on Daoism—one of China's "Three Teachings" (Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism)—and explores three places where it intersects with the tradition of landscape painting. In the first week, we consider how Daoist concepts helped shape the classical Six Laws of Painting of the sixth century. In the next week, the timeline shifts to the eleventh century, and examines the relationship between Daoist internal alchemy and the emergence of monumental landscape painting. Finally, in the third week, we look at surviving paintings from Daoist priests of the late Yuan and Ming dynasties, and consider how their religious practices may have found expression in their art.

Week 1: The Six Laws of Painting
Week 2: Landscape and the Body
Week 3: Daoist Priests as Painters

Early Spring by Guo Xi

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