6 No Wheel, Just Hands • CRAH181L67

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Class Name :

6 No Wheel, Just Hands • CRAH181L67

Class Date :

September 11 - December 11

Meeting Times :

Mon 9am–noon (13 sessions)

Class Location :

Ceramics Studio

Instructor :

Ashley Huang

Price :

$369.00 Default

About this Class:

Wheel shmeel! Let’s explore hand-building techniques through ceramic history. This course aims to have you using your digits to create sculptural and functional work. Be prepared for pinching, heavy coiling, and slabwork.

No class Oct 9

Tools and clay: Tuition does not include tools or clay. Students must purchase all clay from the Art School. Limit of six bags (150 pounds) per semester.

Studio use: Students enrolled in a ceramics class may use  the studio during posted Open Studio hours.

Artwork by Ashley Huang

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