3 The Art of Watercolor (1) • DPCZ181L06

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Class Name :

3 The Art of Watercolor (1) • DPCZ181L06

Class Date :

September 05 - December 05

Meeting Times :

Tue 6–9pm (14 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 201

Instructor :

Janetta Napp

Price :


About this Class:


Appreciating Our World: The Art of Watercolor / Oct 4 • DPCZ173W05

Experience the luminescence, spontaneity and immediacy of watercolor while sharpening your perceptions and sense of light and color. We progress through a series of exercises designed to lay the foundation for understanding and enjoying this famously difficult medium. We’ll develop the basics while at the same time learning to befriend our fears, cultivate confidence and embrace the wonder and delight of clear observation and spontaneous creation. Our painting will lead us to a deep appreciation of the beauty and profundity of our everyday, ordinary world.

This is a studio class with demonstrations by the instructor and a lot of painting and drawing by the students. Students are responsible for their own supplies.

Supply List


Artwork by Chris Zorn

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