The Art of Western Calligraphy / Jan 22-Feb 19 • DPCZ181L08

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Class Name :

The Art of Western Calligraphy / Jan 22-Feb 19 • DPCZ181L08

Class Date :

January 22 - February 19

Meeting Times :

Mon 6–9pm (5 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Chris Zorn

Price :



About this Class:

Learn the basics of this ancient art of “beautiful handwriting” while synchronizing your mind and body and cultivating inner calm. A single alphabet in its historical and contemporary form is used as the focus while different tools and techniques are used for practice. In each section, we work with a different alphabet: italic, roman capital, uncial, etc. The study and practice of the letter forms with the broad-edged pen is complemented by design exercises to explore color, texture, and rhythm. In a contemplative atmosphere, emphasis is placed on the balance between the discipline of precise form and the freedom of artistic expression.

Supply fee: $15, payable to the instructor. Fee covers specific calligraphy supplies.

Supply List

Artwork by Chris Zorn

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