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Class Name :

Class Date :

January 23 - May 08

Meeting Times :

Mon 6-9pm

Class Location :

Room 200

Instructor :

Jan Dickey

Price :


About this Class:

Introduction to Non-toxic Painting • DPJD171A20

Class • Mon 6-9pm • Jan 23-May 8 • 14 sessions • $300 • Room 200

No class March 20, 27

Learn to create paintings without noxious solvents, toxic pigments, or chemically engineered mediums. We will create colors and natural binders for these colors, from art materials found in your kitchen and grown in the ground. These are materials that have been used by humans around the planet for thousands of years, and have only recently been replaced by artificial—and in many cases toxic—painting mediums. Egg tempera, milk paint, milk plastic, hide glue, and natural dyes will be concocted in class and used to make original works of art. Sharing in each other's experiments and discoveries is what this class is all about. We will collectively achieve unpredictable beautiful outcomes through staining, mixing, and layering on canvas and wood. This class is designed for beginners, but the experimental format is very open, so anyone interested in these non-toxic materials can join in on the action. Instructor gives formal input on composition and color relationships as the paintings develop in class. Students will use a collection of shared materials, purchased with the course fee, but are welcome to bring in their own natural materials to experiment with. 

Supply list

Artwork by Jan Dickey

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