48 Soft Pastel (2) • DPHI181L47

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Class Name :

48 Soft Pastel (2) • DPHI181L47

Class Date :

September 05 - December 05

Meeting Times :

Tue 9am-noon (14 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 101

Instructor :

Cade Roster

Price :


About this Class:

A picture tells a thousand words. Well, great, that fills the first page—what about the rest? How does one capture the narrative in art? This class navigates a spectrum of techniques and media to try to figure out ways to tell stories through art. Be it comic books, illustrations, or something altogether new, we find ways to tell a story. Students should come to class with a story in mind; drawing or art-making experience recommended.

Artwork by Cade Roster

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