14 Sogetsu Ikebana @ SH (4) • FLMT181S23

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Class Name :

14 Sogetsu Ikebana @ SH (4) • FLMT181S23

Class Date :

September 05 - October 03

Meeting Times :

Tue 6–8pm (5 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 102

Instructor :

Deb Di Bella

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About this Class:

12 Intro to Western Floral Design • FLDB173W96

Interested in floral design as a hobby or a career? Learn the basics in this class. Explore the uses of different types of floral material while incorporating the elements and principles of design. Flower care and handling, a bit of terminology, botany and history are also be included.

This is a fun mix of contemporary Western floral design styles utilizing some of the latest accessories such as aluminum wire and flat cane paired with flowers to create centerpieces, gifts, and personal flowers.

Week 1: Care and handling of fresh, processing, storage, heat/cold, food, types of flowers—trops vs. spring, types of foliages, tools. Elements of design—with visuals, floral terminology. Wire work with wrist corsage/boutonniere and “flower crown.” Different types of wire—aluminum, bark, flat, round, gauges.

Week 2: Arrange 12 roses—wiring, care and handling, different types: spray, SA/Ecuador, CA, local, tea, petal count, shape, etc. With filler/no filler, using a vase and a container with foam.

Week 3: Working with tropical, in foam, for a small hospital gift.  Also how to dress up a store-bought orchid plant for a gift.

Week 4: European hand spiraled bouquet and presentation ideas.

Week 5: Two types of centerpieces—long and low and roundy-moundy using foam and “spring” flowers.

Supply List

Artwork by Deb Di Bella

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