2 Glass Fusion (1) • GLBS181L25

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Class Name :

2 Glass Fusion (1) • GLBS181L25

Class Date :

September 11 - December 11

Meeting Times :

Mon 6-9pm (14 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 102

Instructor :

Bud Spindt

Price :


About this Class:

Glass Fusion / Mon 6-9pm •  GLBS173A06

Make art with fused glass. This class is an introduction to tools, glass-cutting techniques and kiln-forming practice in hands-on sessions. Learn about project design, glass types and selection, kiln and mold preparation, firing schedules, annealing, compatibility testing and cold working your glass art. Includes slide shows of work by international glass artists for inspiration.

Supplies: Students should expect to spend around $200 on supplies throughout the class.

Artwork by Joe DiPaolis

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