30 Intro to Watercolor (2) • DPJT181L29

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Class Name :

30 Intro to Watercolor (2) • DPJT181L29

Class Date :

November 01 - December 13

Class Location :

Room 200

Price :


About this Class:

30 Introduction to  Contemporary Drawing / Nov 1 •  DPKK173A24

Even with all of today’s many digital art tools, aspiring artists need a solid knowledge and background in drawing. From color contrast to composition, and classical and contemporary drawing techniques, French contemporary artist Kosta Kulundzic will cover all the bases. Through exercises, a constant drawing practice, and studying the work of selected illustrators, artists and cartoonists you will develop the tools and techniques you need to cultivate your own creative process.

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Artist bio

Instructor Kosta Kulundzic was born in Paris in 1972 and now lives in Hawai‘i. For several years he has been working on the representation of Christians and mythologies. He transposes biblical stories with contemporary popular culture, deploying codes of action movies, graphics novels and video games. He is currently represented by art galleries in France, Belgium, Germany, China and the US. Kosta has shown his work in museums in Europe, Asia and the US. Kosta was an instructor of painting and drawing at the French National School of Architecture Paris–Val de Seine, and at the Orsay University of Paris from 2005 to 2015.

Artwork by Kosta Kulundzic

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