Metal + Jewelry

All classes held in the Art School Metals Studio.

  • Metals Lab Independent Open Studio

    Summer 2018 Schedule Sun 1-4pm / May 13 – Aug 12, Not open on Jun 3 & Jun 10Mon 1-4pm / June 18 - July 2Tue 1-4pm / May 15 - May 29, July 10 - Aug 7Wed 9am -12pm / May 16 – Aug 8, Not open on Jun 6 & Jul 4Fri 1-4pm  / May 18 –Jun 1, Jul 13 - Aug 10Sat 1...

    Apr. 1-Aug. 10
  • Advanced Jewelry Making • MJKV18230

    Opened to advanced students, this jewelry making course will expand upon metal fabrication techniques and creative tool making. Students are required to have basic metal fabrication skills. No class June 3 & 10 Artwork by Lorilynn Monma

    Kaori Vaughn  
    May. 13-Aug. 12
    Sun 9am–noon (12 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Advanced Wax Carving • MJDS18226

    This class is for advanced students and will include projects to develop skills in model making and molding.  The class will be limited to twelve students who have taken wax carving classes from the instructor or have solid carving experience. There will be a list of tools and materials that...

    Donna Shimazu  
    May. 15-Jul. 31
    Tue 6–9pm (12 sessions) Past_exhib_su18_mj_2
  • Intro to Jewelry Making • MJKV18227

    Anyone who wants to try metal fabrication should take this intro class. You will learn about sawing, piercing, texturing, filing, soldering, polishing and other fabrication techniques. This class also includes stone-setting techniques. Please bring your design or picture ideas with you to the...

    Kaori Vaughn  
    May. 15-Aug. 7
    Tue 9am–noon (12 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Intermediate Jewelry Making • MJBC18228

    Refine your soldering skills, go beyond bezel settings, finish those unfinished projects, and try something new. Some topics may include etching, various stone settings, and anticlastic and synclastic forming. Individual projects encouraged. Prerequisite: students should know basic skills and...

    Brenda Ching  
    May. 16-Aug. 8
    Wed 6–9pm (12 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Intermediate Metal Fabrication • MJKV18229

    This class is for anyone who has already taken at least one metals class. You must know basic soldering, sawing, piercing, texturing, filing and polishing. You will learn how to resolve problems and how to translate your idea into an actual metal piece. Please bring your own designs to the fi...

    Kaori Vaughn  
    May. 18-Aug. 10
    Fri 9am–noon (12 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled
  • Wax Carving / Lost Wax Casting • MJJF18231

    In this introductory class students will learn to use wax carving tools, sprue and tree strategies, and the investment and casting process. Standard and experimental casting techniques will be covered, such as organics, mixed metal and stone in place casting. Develop your skills and expand you...

    Jim Friedman  
    May. 14-Jul. 30
    Mon 9am–noon (12 sessions) Past_exhib_sp18_web_registrationstart-classfilled