3 Basic Metal Fabrication • MJKV173A86

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Class Name :

3 Basic Metal Fabrication • MJKV173A86

Class Date :

September 08 - December 15

Meeting Times :

Fri 6-9pm (14 sessions)

Class Location :

Metals Studio

Instructor :

Kaori Vaughn

Price :


About this Class:

This is a basic metal fabrication class for anyone who wants to try metal fabrication.  You will learn about sawing, piercing, texturing, filing, soldering, polishing and other fabrication techniques. This class also includes stone setting techniques. Please bring your design or picture ideas with you to the first day of class.

No class Oct 13


Where: All classes are held in the Art School Metals studio.

Tools & Supplies: Silver and other metals may be purchased from the Art School for additional fees.

Open Studio: Students must have completed one introductory metals course at the Honolulu Museum of Art School and must be currently enrolled in a class to attend.

Artwork by Rika Torres

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