10 Washi Explorer • PBHS181L95

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Class Name :

10 Washi Explorer • PBHS181L95

Class Date :

September 11 - December 11

Meeting Times :

Mon 9am–noon (13 sessions)

Class Location :

Metals Lab

Instructor :

Jim Friedman

Price :


About this Class:


Washi Explorer: Japanese Book-binding & Paper Decoration •  PBHS172W55

Explore several different types of washi (traditional Japanese paper) crafts to make a notebook using traditional binding techniques. For the first class, we will decorate the washi using itajime dyeing methods, as well as sunago (gold leaf scattering). In the second class, we will learn a technique called urauchi, the lining and reinforcing of decorated paper or fabric using kozo (mulberry) paper and wheat starch paste. For the last class, we combine our results and assemble a beautiful watoji-cho (stitched bound notebook).

Supply Fee: $30 supply fee paid to instructor

Image by Hiroko Sakurai

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