191 Hand Engraving • Sat 1–6pm • MJJD191L08

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Class Name :

191 Hand Engraving • Sat 1–6pm • MJJD191L08

Class Date :

March 02 - March 23

Meeting Times :

Sat 1-6pm

Class Location :

Metals Studio

Instructor :

Jason Dow

Price :

$200.00 General

$190.00 Members

Price :

Registration begins December 11th at 10:00AM. Contributing Member registration begins December 10th at 10:00AM.

About this Class:

Learn how to engrave by hand script lettering and ornamental patterns directly into metal. This course is for the beginning engraver—you will learn how to set up and use basic engraving tools. You will first learn to shape and sharpen your own chisels or "gravers." Next, you will practice cutting into soft steel, brass, and copper. Lastly, you will work on a final project engraving a pendant or keychain. Hand pushing techniques will be taught using a rotating engraver’s ball vise and an optivisor with 2.5x magnification. There will also be an instructor’s demonstration of advanced power-assisted engraving. Students will get a chance to examine and try out these tools as time permits. 

Supply Fee: $80 supply fee

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