Explore Your Creative Wonder • PASM171W18

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Class Name :

Explore Your Creative Wonder • PASM171W18

Class Date :

January 29 - January 29

Meeting Times :

Sun 10am–12:30pm

Class Location :

Room 102

Instructor :

Little Fat Shorty AKA Suzen Murakoshi

Price :


About this Class:

Workshop • Sun 10am-12:30pm • Jan 29 • 1 session • $25 • Room 102  

The world of the clown inspired Picasso, Matisse, Seurat and many other artists. Through le jeu—games—we'll access the world of creativity, infinite possibilities and wonder. Discover why these masters explored the comic world for inspiration. You’ll learn techniques to access your own wonder, creative expression and freedom. If you’ve ever wanted to engage your inner clown to grow as an artist, that’s what this introductory workshop will do. Your inner freedom will grow, like a flower, into a little blossom. Your sense of possibilities will expand, embracing all aspects of who you really are. Wear loose-fitting clothing, have an open mind and be prepared for laughter under the tutelage of Little Fat Shorty, aka Suzen Murakoshi. This workshop is based on Philippe Gaulier's work (Paris), Aitor Basauri (Spain) and Christopher Bayes (NYU, Juilliard, Yale).

Image by Suzen Murakoshi

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