Introduction to Printmaking • PMSG172A39

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Class Name :

Introduction to Printmaking • PMSG172A39

Class Date :

January 23 - April 17

Meeting Times :

Mon 6-9pm

Class Location :

Printmaking Studio

Instructor :

Laura Smith

Price :


Registration begins April 11 at 10am.

About this Class:

This workshop is an introduction to the processes, materials and methods used in printmaking. It is intended for those who have had no to little experience and are interested in giving it a try. In addition to learning to use materials and processes that are new to you, you are encouraged to experiment, explore your ideas and take some creative risks. The course will introduce you to monotypes and monoprints, woodcut relief, and intaglio copper plate printing. Be warned printmaking can be highly addictive and if you get bit by the bug be prepared for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Supply list

Artwork by Sam Guerrero

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