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Class Name :

Class Date :

January 21 - January 21

Meeting Times :

Sun10am-4pm (1 session)

Class Location :

Room 203

Instructor :

Robert Regis Dvořák

Price :


About this Class:

Travel Drawing and Painting • DPRD181L49

Want to make your next trip the most rewarding of all? Instead of pointing and shooting your phone, bring a sketchbook with you and really look. Drawing and painting while traveling is fun and will increase your perception and enjoyment. Take a few extra minutes to make some fine quick sketches and color them with watercolor. Traveling with a sketch book can also open doors to interesting adventures and new friendships. You will return home with priceless memories.

This class will show you how to:

• quickly draw people, architecture, water, trees, and landscape

• simplify your material—capture essence

• select, prepare, and pack materials

• be comfortable and relaxed sketching and painting in public

• draw and paint in cafés, restaurants, on the street, on a cruise, on airplanes and boats

• draw and paint in public with or without discovery

You will practice simple techniques for drawing and painting in class using projected color travel images and other methods. Make your future travel experiences satisfying and unforgettable! Bring to class your water color supplies, a water container, and a cotton rag.

Supply fee: $25 paid to instructor. Includes all drawing materials, handouts, a travel sketch pad 160 pages and The Pocket Drawing Book. If you need a travel watercolor set, please contact the Art School Registrar after registering for the class.

Artwork by Robert Dvořák

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