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Class Name :

• 2

Class Date :

July 17 - August 21

Meeting Times :

Mon 6–9pm (6 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 202

Instructor :

Roy Otaguro

Price :


About this Class:

Bontemae: Tea Ceremony  •  TERO172W06

Bontemae is the simplest form of Japanese tea ceremony. Learn the history of wabi cha, founded by Sen no Rikyu more than 400 years ago, and elements such as the arrangement of implements and serving tea. Implements required: tea bowl, chasen (bamboo tea whisk), chakin (tea cloth), chashaku (bamboo tea scoop), fukusai (silk cloth), natsume (tea caddy), kensui (water jar), and obon (round 14-inch tray).

+$30 Supply fee for tea and sweets

A set of implements is available for purchase from the instructor for $120.

Artwork by Roy Otaguro

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