Textiles + Fiber

  • The Art of Hawaiian Kapa Making • TXDT181L74

    Students will learn and practice Hawaiian kapa or bark cloth making as they go through the steps to create a finished kapa, including stripping the bark, 2 stages of beating and extra practice in the 2nd stage, Hawaiian design, bamboo stamp or `ohe kapala carving, and dye making and application. ...

    Dalani Tanahy  
    Apr. 2-Apr. 30
    Mon 6–9pm ( 5 sessions) Past_exhib_tx_1
  • Basketry • TXGT181L75

    Introduction to the basic skills, techniques, and concepts needed to create beautiful, functional baskets. Students learn to use natural, manmade, and local materials and incorporate a number of weaving techniques. The materials fee covers two pounds of reed, miscel, and other fibers. This class...

    Gail Toma  
    Jan. 26-May. 4
    Fri 9am–noon (14 sessions) Past_exhib_tx_2
  • Kahili and Feather Lei • TXBH181L77

    Gain a solid feather lei-making foundation from acclaimed featherwork artist Boris Huang. Students will create feather lei using modern materials in a traditional poepoe style. Instruction includes demonstrations of lei-making techniques and individual coaching. Feather lei making is very time co...

    Boris Huang  
    Apr. 1-Apr. 8
    Sun 9am–noon (2 sessions) Past_exhib_tx_5
  • Lauhala: Ribbon Bracelet / Apr 11 • TXLL181L79

    In this introductory cultural workshop to Hawaiian fiber arts you’ll learn hot to make a Ka apolima lauhala lipine” (basic lauhala and satin ribbon bracelet).  Instruction includes basic Hawaiian language terms related to ulana lauhala (pandanus weaving), Hawaiian cultural ...

    Lufi Luteru  
    Apr. 11-Apr. 11
    Wed 6-8pm (1 session) Past_exhib_tx_6
  • Lauhala: Star Ornament • TXLL181L80

    In this introductory cultural workshop to Hawaiian Fiber Arts, you’ll learn how to make a ka wehi hōkū (lauhala star ornament)  Instruction includes  basic Hawaiian language terms related to ulana lauhala (pandanus weaving), Hawaiian cultural protocols concerning lauhala harvestin...

    Lufi Luteru  
    Mar. 28-Mar. 28
    Wed 6–8pm (1 session) Past_exhib_tx_7
  • Mixed Media Surface Design • TXLT181L81

    Explore printing, stamping, painting, dyeing and layering fabrics to create unique surface designs on fabric. Paints, dyes, carving stamps and sample fabrics are provided. This class will visit the Museum galleries to study the collection for inspiration. Supply fee: $20 paid to instructor Art...

    Liz Train  
    Apr. 2-May. 7
    Mon 9am–noon (6 sessions) Past_exhib_tx_8
  • Weaving • TXLT181L85

    Beginners learn the basics of weaving, including setting up and warping the loom. Students weave a sampler to learn a variety of techniques and then plan finished projects. Supply fee: $15 supply fee paid to instructor Additional information Artwork by Liz Train

    Liz Train  
    Jan. 23-May. 1
    Tue 6–9pm (14 session) Past_exhib_full_class_image