The Art of Hawaiian Kapa Making • TXDT181L74

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Class Name :

The Art of Hawaiian Kapa Making • TXDT181L74

Class Date :

April 02 - April 30

Meeting Times :

Mon 6–9pm ( 5 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 101

Instructor :

Dalani Tanahy

Price :



About this Class:

Making kapa, the fiber/paper/cloth used by Polynesians, Asians, South Americans and Africans, is a time- and resource-heavy art. Learn about the arts and skills necessary to create fine Hawaiian kapa. Using traditional tools, you will strip and pound your own piece of wauke bark and color it with a natural dye you bring from home. Students learn printing basics with a “modern” ‘ohe kapala stamp. Tools and materials provided. For more information about Dalani Tanahy and kapa, visit

Supply Fee: $20 supply fee paid to instructor

Artwork by Dalani Tanahy

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