2 Basketry • TXGT181L75

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Class Name :

2 Basketry • TXGT181L75

Class Date :

November 06 - November 20

Meeting Times :

Mon 1-4pm (3 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 101

Instructor :

Lufi Luteru

Price :


About this Class:

This introductory cultural workshop series to Hawaiian fiber arts consists of three three-hour sessions in which the participant will learn basic Hawaiian language terms related to ulana lauhala (pandanus weaving), Hawaiian cultural protocols concerning lauhala harvesting, preparation, plant identification and the importance of mālama ʻāina (taking care of the land).

In this workshop series, we will examine Hawaiian literature concerning the moʻolelo (ancestral stories) of lauhala and its function and purpose in traditional times as well as the contemporary evolution of this amazing fiber.

Kumu Lufi A. Luteru, is a native Hawaiian educator and cultural practitioner from Mākaha Valley, Oʻahu. She is a multimedia artisan, specializing in Hawaiian fiber arts. She taught for many years at the University of Hawaiʻi and earned a BA and MA in Hawaiian Studies.

Within the three workshop sessions, the participant will learn to weave the following:

1. Ka wehi hōkū (a lauhala star ornament).
2. Ka apolima lauhala/lipine (a lauhala/ribbon bracelet).
3. Ka papa ʻāina (a lauhala placement for food).

Artwork by Lufi Luteru

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