Ajrakh Resist Printing • TXSK173W65

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Class Name :

Ajrakh Resist Printing • TXSK173W65

Class Date :

October 30 - October 30

Meeting Times :

Mon 10am-5pm (1 session)

Class Location :

Room 101 & Sketch Garden

Instructor :

Sufiyan Khatri

Price :



About this Class:

Visiting artist Sufiyan Khatri will be leading a one day workshop on the art of Ajrakh relief printing. Derived from ajrak ‘blue’ in Arabic and Persian, this relief printing style consists of using natural dyes and washed fabric to design and create patterns. This workshop will include demonstrations on the history and art of Ajrakh as well as a hands-on project.

Image by Sufiyan Khatri

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