Music Through Art


Grades: K-12
Tour length:
2 hours
Spalding House 2411 Makiki Heights Drive
Tuesday – Friday - Offered through December 2013
Group Size:
60 maximum
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Through the exhibition Now Hear This, students will discover a menagerie of musical instruments, watch songs come to life through video and animation, and view prints and paintings that blur the boundaries between sight and sound.

Pictured above: Tobias Stretch. Puppet created for Radiohead's Weird Fishes video.


Tour length: 1 hour tour plus a 1 hour art-making lesson
Tuesday – Friday
Fee: There is a $4 fee per student to add an art-making lesson to this tour.
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Students grades K-3 will make a decorative musical instrument. Students grades 4-12 will create a stop motion video. 
Please note that the final stop action video takes about two weeks to process before the students receive it at their school. 


Continue your museum experience back at school! Borrow artifacts related to your tour from the Lending Collection to use in the classroom. The Lending Collection is a free resource for island educators. Pre-packaged object trunks available for some tours, or hand pick objects from the collection for any tour. Contact Dawn Sueoka at

Hawaiʻi Department of Education Benchmarks

FA.K.2.4 Identify various sources of music that can be heard in daily life and their purpose
FA.1.2.7 Explain how music can communicate ideas and moods
FA.1.2.8 Compare music used for special occasions from various cultures                                                                                                                          
FA.3.2.9 Identify developmentally appropriate pieces of music representing various time periods
FA.4.2.6 Compare and contrast musical styles from two or more cultures
FA.5.2.6 Compare the use of musical elements in aural examples of American music and in music from other cultures
FA.6-8.2.7 Evaluate the effectiveness of a musical performance or composition
FA.6-8.2.8 Compare the role of music and composers in various cultures and time periods
FA.9-12.2.6 Describe how various elements and roles of music integrate with other content areas
FA.9-12.2.7 Analyze the significance of music and composers in various cultures and time periods
FA.6-8.1.1 Create an original integrated art product or performance and explain how this process enhances a specific art work

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