Tales from the Philippines

Grades: 2-8  
Tour length:
1.5 hours
900 S. Beretania Street
Tuesday – Friday, available for summer 2014
9 + 10:30am
Group Size:
60 maximum
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Take a trip across the sea! Learn about the diversity and rich heritage of Filipino art, life, and culture—from indigenous traditions of Northern and Southern Philippines, to art made under Spanish Colonial rule and finally some colorful contemporary pieces. In this participatory tour, students get involved by weaving with a traditional back-strap loom, trying on costumes, and creating beautiful art patterns as seen on Filipino objects. The tour is enriched with a lovely Filipino story read in an open courtyard. 


Continue your museum experience back at school! Borrow artifacts related to your tour from the Lending Collection to use in the classroom. The Lending Collection is a free resource for island educators. Pre-packaged object trunks available for some tours, or hand pick objects from the collection for any tour. Contact Elizabeth (Beth) Doughty, Lending Collection Manager: edoughty@honolulumuseum.org, 808-532-8736. 

Hawaiʻi Department of Education Benchmarks

Social Studies
SS.2.2.1 Investigate the history of families using level-appropriate primary sources (e.g., artifacts, photographs, interviews, documents)

Fine Arts
F.A.2.1.2 Use color to convey mood in works of art
F.A.2.1.4 Investigate how art is used in celebrations, festivals, and customs of selected cultures from the past and present. 

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