Globalization Through Art

Grades: 3-12
Tour length:
 3 hours
900 S. Beretania Street
Group Size:
60 maximum
FREE, bus subsidy available for qualified groups
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Tour Description

In this inquiry-based tour, students will use artwork as a primary source for investigating globalization at different moments in history. Through hands-on activities and active research, they will explore such questions as

• What ideas, materials and diseases were transmitted through Silk Road trade routes?

• How did 19th century globalization shape present-day Hawaii?

• What role have seafaring innovations played in the spread of culture and goods through Southeast Asia and the Pacific?

While specific topics may change over the course of the school year in order to take advantage of new exhibitions, all variations of this tour will help students to grow artistically and to develop their skills as historians. Following the museum tour, students will meet with professional art instructors to further explore themes of globalization in their own artwork.

Borrow Art

Continue your museum experience back in the classroom with artifacts from the Lending Collection! Pre-packaged boxes of objects are available for some tours, or hand-pick objects from the collection for any tour. The Lending Collection is a free resource for Hawaii educators. Contact Dawn Sueoka at to visit the collection or to reserve a pre-packaged box.

Connecting to Standards

All of our school tours are aligned with Hawaii’s Common Core and State Standards. For your grade level’s specific standards, contact our Teacher Liaison, Justin Davies, at

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