European and American Masterpieces

Grades: 5-12
Location: 900 S. Beretania Street
Days: Tuesday—Friday
Tour length: 3 hours
Times: 9am—12pm
Group Size: 60 maximum
Fee: FREE, bus subsidy available for qualified groups
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Tour Description

On this engaging Museum tour, students will explore a variety of painting styles from Realism to Impressionism, and from Surrealism to Abstraction. They will discover that these masters, although cutting edge artists, were not always accepted in their lifetime. Students will see how masterpieces can be either a realistic representation or a passionate statement of personal expression by studying the composition, brushstrokes and colors of the artworks. Students will think critically about why people create art, what inspires an artist, and what makes a work of art great. This tour will include the special exhibit, Abstract Expressionism: Looking East from the Far West from September 7, 2017 through January 21, 2018. Following the museum tour, students meet with art instructors to create their own Western-style masterpiece painting.

Artwork on this tour
Vincent van Gogh. Wheat Field, Le Champ de Blé. 1888. Oil on canvas. Gift of Mrs. Richard A. Cooke and Family in memory of Richard A. Cooke, 1946 (377.1). (pictured above)

Carlo Bonavia (Italian, active 1751–1788). Teverone Cascade. 1787 Oil on canvas Gift of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, 1961 (2992.1).

Borrow Art

Continue your museum experience back in the classroom with artifacts from the Lending Collection! Pre-packaged boxes of objects are available for some tours, or hand-pick objects from the collection for any tour. The Lending Collection is a free resource for Hawaii educators. Contact Dawn Sueoka at to visit the collection or to reserve a pre-packaged box.

Connecting to Standards

All of our school tours are aligned with Hawaii’s Common Core and State Standards. For your grade level’s specific standards, contact our Teacher Liaison, Justin Davies, at

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