Do you:

Have an interest in art
Like meeting interesting people
Enjoy the museum
Connect to the community
Display a talent
Or just love being at a great event?

You can be a volunteer!

Being a volunteer at ARTafterDARK is a great way to make friends while giving back to the Honolulu Museum of Art. The event offers an array of volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please complete the online application on the Volunteer Program page and you'll receive our emails about monthly volunteer opportunities at ARTafterDARK.

Advisory Board
Since ARTafterDARK’s inception in 2004, the Advisory Board was formed to properly acknowledge the dynamic group of young volunteers that assist in steering and planning the program year-in and year-out. The 2019 Advisory Board is comprised of 14 of Honolulu’s best and brightest:

Larry Chun
Whitney Crear
Andrea Doi
Ashley Fujii
Michelle Fujii
Maggie Hines
Loryn Guiffré
Nina Horioka
Taryn Loo
Shaolin Low
Eddie Quan
John Rankin
Lehua Vermeesch
Laura Ward